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The Rise of Rum

The Rise of Rum

Rum continues to spice up the drinks market

Years ago, the rum market was dominated by Bacardi and Captain Morgan but had seen to be in decline, but it’s experienced somewhat of a renaissance – much like the reimagination of gin and vodka products.

In 2022, we see this market growing with new brands coming onto the marketplace and consumers continually wanting to go for premium products such as The Kraken, Parrot Bay and Appleton Estate. Only a few years ago, there was approximately 50 brands available, now there’s nearly 200 for consumers to choose from.

Many in the industry see the rum sector growing further in 2022 as new entrants come into the marketplace with different flavours and spiced variants. Product variation and innovation will continue to drive market growth.
Indeed, the COVID 19 pandemic has perhaps been the catalyst for further growth as UK drinkers have found a liking for the product, with the chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association saying that figures showed UK drinkers’ experimentation with the spirit making it the ‘lockdown champion’.

Rum sales also continue to exceed expectations and now sales top £1 billion each year and while consumers look for more premium brands, we expect to see more and more brands launch exclusive flavours with innovative flavours.

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