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Demand for low and zero alcohol products shows no signs of slowing down

Demand for low and zero alcohol products shows no signs of slowing down

More and more drinks brands are creating products with low or zero alcohol to match changing consumer trends.

It was thought that Seedlip was the first to pioneer low alcohol products, and now that particular product range has increased dramatically with brewers and distillers all joining the low alcohol bandwagon – the last drink powerhouse to enter the fray was Guinness and its 0.0 brew.

The challenge is for many drinks manufacturers to maintain the flavours that customers expect of their brand, but many producers are ticking that box. And according to drinks market analyst, the sector will increase by 31 per cent in volume by 2024.

The market for low or no alcohol drinks is undoubtedly going to continue. More and more younger consumers are looking to reduce alcohol consumption by drinking less but still want a quality product. Added to the fact that more and more people want to lead healthier lifestyles.

Before the recent explosion in low alcohol products, consumers who wanted to socialise but didn’t’ want to drink were left with the option of glugging gallons of sparkling water or fizzy soft drinks. Now there are many quality drinks products on offer.

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