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We now stock Dinkelacker – exclusive partnership with BDG

We now stock Dinkelacker – exclusive partnership with BDG

We’re please to announce that we are now exclusive distributors of one of Germany’s finest beer brands.

The family brewery Dinkelacker stands for wonderfully fresh beers full of tradition and brewed with passion that can be tasted in every sip.

Ever since the company was founded by Carl Dinkelacker in 1888, it has been brewing beers using only the best ingredients and based on recipes that have been passed down for generations.

Beer connoisseurs highly value the quality of Dinkelacker beers and as a family business it takes responsibility towards society and the environment very seriously but at the centre of the product is an intense focus on quality.
The high-quality demands of Dinkelacker’s master brewers are reflected in the care that they put into their work. This is not only underlined by the fact that its beers are brewed by hand, but also, and predominantly, by the ageing period, which stretches over several weeks.

The attention to detail in the ageing process not only enables the flavours to develop completely, but also leads to the fine carbonation and the typical head of our beers because of the fermentation process.

If you’d like to stock one of Germany’s finest beers, contact our sales team on 01524 39481.

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